Yoga Teacher Training Intensive 2019
to Aug 5

Yoga Teacher Training Intensive 2019

We are excited to offer a unique 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Open Space. An intensive training covering Monday through Monday for two weeks. This Teacher Training will offer two scholarships, one full and one partial. Contact us at for more information. To view and fill out the application click here.

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Master Assisting: Training w/Patty Serraro 750hr Baptiste Yoga Educator
11:00 AM11:00

Master Assisting: Training w/Patty Serraro 750hr Baptiste Yoga Educator

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750 hour Certified Baptiste Educator Patty Serraro and her team have distilled nearly a decade of trainings on the art of hands on assisting into this concentrated 5 hour education.  A passionate and masterful advocate for the art of safe and potent hands on assists in her yoga classes and a degreed artist and sculptor, Patty will demonstrate how to bring the sensitivity and creativity of an artist’s touch to this powerful teaching tool. 

Teachers, this workshop will deliver breakthroughs in your assisting, your teaching, and your cueing of yoga poses.  This is the opportunity to newly serve your community from a place of clarity and purpose. The promise of this program is to, straight up, deliver every drop of the most up to date assisting techniques to you, and empower you to change lives through the healing power of human touch.  

Through experiential learning and in-depth, hands on practice, you will learn how to perform assists for every pose confidently, energetically, and safely.  Informed by current anatomical and scientific knowledge of assisting and the focused practice necessary for masterful assisting, you will leave inspired to serve your community from a new place of connection and purpose.  

The Open Space At The Velvet Mill,

22 Bayview Ave. Stonington Suite K

Sunday June 23nd 11-4 pm

Cost $225*

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